The Venice model seeks to achieve a casual shoe with an attractive and timeless design where elegance is fused with a characteristic as important as comfort.

Comfort that is achieved by taking it into account during the design process and the choice of materials. Achieving an attractive and elegant appearance through the use of adjustments and features that provide it with extra comfort, such as:

  • The exclusive low-density memory foam insole that transmits a feeling of lightness and cushioning to the foot.
  • Strobel-type manufacturing eliminating the rigidity and hardness of traditional manufacturing in leather shoes and lightening the total weight of the shoe.
  • The use of low and wide adjustments, which provides the necessary clearance to avoid friction by adapting and collecting the foot.
  • The use of materials that provide flexibility such as premium suede that yields to use, completely adapting to the foot in order to become a glove.